Carousel format allows readers to engage with your ads just like they do on Facebook, but across the entire web.

Your ads will only be shown on content which is related, which delivers higher performance as well as an enhanced user experience.

Self-serve platform gives you full control over your campaigns, and our team is always ready to manage your campaigns for you.


Increase Brand Awareness

If your goal is brand awareness, native advertising is the best option and the best ROI you could have.

Generate Leads

Generate new leads by advertising on relevant content to your campaigns

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Adding your campaign to related content website will guarantee driving more traffic to your website.

Drive Online Purchases

Your products will be suggested to readers based on the content of the article they are reading

About AdRelated

AdRelated is the world's first semantic marketing platform focused purely on performance. It allows advertisers you to show their ads to internet users engaging with content relevant to their business, and helps publishers monetize their content with beautiful, native ads. A win-win-win for advertisers, publishers, and internet users.

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