AdRelated helps you generate significant revenue from your website through offers and recommendations related to your content.

Our publishers enjoy generating higher revenues through our platform compared to any other advertising platform.

Our technology will analyze your page’s content and display offers from different premium advertisers on you pages

Delight your readers by showing them relevant ads that they find valuable rather than obtrusive display banners, which ruin your website’s look and feel as well as annoy your readers.

Customized Modules

Our widget can be customized to to fit in your website and styled to give a native look and feel.

Responsive Design

The widget is responsive and will work on all screen sizes and browsers.

Native Campaigns

Your visitors will have a native experience while you motive your content. And will not spoil the user's experience.

Why choose AdRelated

Monetize your content without jeopardizing your readers loyalty.

Native Advertising which blends with your content and capture your readers attention

Premium advertisers with higher click through rate and higher engagement

About AdRelated

AdRelated is the world's first semantic marketing platform focused purely on performance. It allows advertisers you to show their ads to internet users engaging with content relevant to their business, and helps publishers monetize their content with beautiful, native ads. A win-win-win for advertisers, publishers, and internet users.

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