About Us


AdRelated is the world’s first platform of its kind. It lies at the intersection of native, performance, and semantic marketing.

The recipe to a beautiful advertising is showing the right ad, to the right person, at the right time. While everyone in the industry is focused on the first two points, at AdRelated, we believe that we can make ads beautiful again by doing all three. And that is the power of semantic.

Our patent-pending technology automatically analyzes the content of every article on the web across our publisher network, and algorithmically understands what the article is talking about. It then shows the most relevant ads to that content, all with a clear Call-To-Action in a native widget.

The result of this combination is superior performance to our advertisers, and increased revenues to our publishers. All while keeping in mind that the most important element is the satisfaction of the Internet user engaging with our tech.

AdRelated is able to help advertisers bring value to the content by showing relevant products and services to the user, resulting in a beautiful user experience.

If users love ads, they wont block them. Help us save the internet by making advertising beautiful again.

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- Team AdRelated