Reach The Most Relevant Audience At Their Peak Interest

Achieve Higher Conversions and ROI, Lower Your CPC

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    Premium Network of Publishers

    Advertise on our premium network of publishers across Europe, U.S, and the Middle East.

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    Target The Right Audience, Semantically

    Target the right audience based on the content they are engaging with and its relevance to your Ads.

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    High Quality Traffic

    Your campaign performance is guaranteed to get you higher conversions, leads and ROI

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    Native Carousel Format

    Our widget has the same Facebook carousel format with a clear Call to Action: CTA for each Ad

Semantic Native Advertising

The recipe to a beautiful advertising is showing the right ad, to the right person, at the right time. While everyone in the industry is focused on the first two points, at AdRelated, we believe that we can make ads beautiful again by doing all three, and that is the power of semantic.


Success Stories

Ads that delight

  • Carousel format which allows readers to engage with your Ads just like they do on Facebook but across the entire web.

  • Your Ads will only be shown on content related to it and will deliver higher performance as well as an enhanced user experience.

  • Manage your campaigns in a self serve platform which gives you full control over your Ads and our team is always ready to manage the campaigns for you.